Unlimited Cryotherapy Membership

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What do you get with your Cryotherapy membership?

All of our monthly Cryo members will receive:

One session per day, every day, of either:

1) 3-Minute Whole-Body Cryotherapy
2) 12-Minute Head and Neck Cryo-Facial
3) 5 to 12-Minute Targeted Cryotherapy

*Minimum 3 Month Commitment 


Whole-Body Cryotherapy: chills your entire body - making your skin, muscles, organs, & even your connective tissues super cold. This translates to less inflammation all over - deep in to your body, increased antioxidant capacity, and even improved autonomic nervous system function - perfect for performance recovery, adjunct weight loss, and more! See how long you can last in our Cryotherapy chamber, up to 3-minutes.

Targeted Cryotherapy & Cryo-Facials: Targeted Cryo is localized on a specific area of the body that needs some extra attention - maybe you have a painful injury, a swollen ankle, or a gnarly hangover. Local Cryo is great for cellulite reduction, reducing inflammation, athletic recovery for a problem area, relieving pain from surgery, and more. Our Targeted Cryotherapy is also perfect for a beautifying face and neck facial. Cryo has been shown to increase cell rejuvenation, improve skin tones, reduce signs of wrinkles, promote skin tightening, and boost your collagen.