Jim Kwik's Exclusive Masterclass: How to Master Your Mind

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Upgrade Labs at The Beverly Hilton teamed up with Jim Kwik, a world-renowned speaker and celebrity brain coach, to offer you the ultimate Upgraded Masterclass.

He will lead you on a journey that will expand your life’s potential as you have never seen before. You will discover new learnings about your brain, memory, focus, concentration, and brain health in a matter of two hours.

Learn the secrets he taught to Will Smith, the X-Men, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Steven Tyler, and other world-class performers so you can unleash your brainpower and unveil the superpower that lies within you.

You will discover how to:

+ Confidently remember the names of everyone you meet
+ Memorizing scripts and presentations rapidly
+ Fix mental fog, fatigue and forgetfulness
+ Boost reading speed (and comprehension) to master information overload
+ Tap laser focus and concentration to get things done

Join us on March 7th and learn how to unlock your brain's full potential from one of the best memory expert.

Limited seating (30 participants ONLY). RESERVE  TODAY.

This includes:

- In-person Exclusive Masterclass taught by Jim Kwik
- Upgrade Labs One-Hour Session Gift Card (Valued at $175)
- Bulletproof Gift Bag
- Complimentary Drink and Snacks (Including "Brain Food")