Bulletproof Upgrade Package

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Limited Time Offer for First-Time Customers

If you're new to our facility, you may not know where to begin or which equipment to start with. This first-timer-only package deal "Bulletproof Upgrade" gives you a glimpse of the state of high performance and a taste of what it means to be #Upgraded. Vouched by Dave Asprey, the founder and CEO of Bulletproof, this technology will supercharge your health at the cellular level and help you achieve more focus and resilience so you can upgrade your performance in every aspect of life.

Package includes:

 - Whole Body Cryotherapy
Think you can spend two minutes in a -250ºF chamber? It’s worth it to push through. Cryotherapy increases fat burning and boosts your immune system. It’ll also make you release endorphins – your body’s feel-good hormone!  


Our PEMF exercise system charges your body’s cells so you can reenergize, heal, recover, and perform at your very best starting from the inside out.

- The Cheat Machine

Hack your workout with adaptive resistance technology. The Cheat Machine pushes you harder than you could ever push yourself, giving you a week’s worth of weightlifting in under fifteen minutes.