Biohacker Spring Box

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Spring box 

  • Defendershield Earbuds
  • Branch Basics Cleaning Kit
  • SunShield sunscreen
  • Affirmator Cards from Knock Knock
  • Fidget Cube
  • Get the most out of your mental, physical and cellular performance with Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Box. Receive a new box full of gear, tools and unique knowledge that has been curated, customized and shared by world renowned biohacker, Dave Asprey.

    Dave traverses the world in search of optimal personal performance hacks. In each of his biohacking boxes, he shares with you what he finds, what he uses, and interesting hacks for many aspects of life. But it’s not just “stuff”. It’s how the items in the box are used in new and unique ways to hack your health, your environment and your performance (ever used a traveling soap dish for transporting butter? Dave has!)

    The items in each box far exceed the value of the box itself.  So you’re getting more than awesome hacks and products, you’re receiving a huge savings as well.