Train Like Kwik: 1-Week Cognitive Stack

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TRAIN LIKE KWIK at Bulletproof Labs for 1 Week
We recommend 2 days at the Lab over the course of 1 week with this curated program.
This package can be purchased as many times as you would like, to use over multiple weeks.
$350 Stack Package ($100 off)
You will receive:
  • 1 Body Comp Analysis Bullet with full trainer consultation
  • 2 Oxygen Trainer Bullets
  • 2 RedCharger Bullets
  • 2 BreatheEZ Bullets
  • 2 PEMF Bullets
We recommend each day at the Lab: RedCharger, BreatheEZ, Oxygen Trainer, PEMF
Bulletproof Labs Cognitive Stack
Purchase the TRAIN LIKE KWIK Stack to train like Jim Kwik at Bulletproof Labs!
This stack includes Jim’s favorite hacks for both the body and the mind, to optimize your cognitive performance. Do you feel groggy during your day, have trouble falling asleep, or feel like you need a memory boost? With this stack, you will see improvements in your energy, your sleep, and of course with your brain! Every action we take at the Lab is measured, so you will not only leave the Lab feeling supercharged each time, but you will also have the results to prove it!